Friday, September 02, 2005


While I cut the knife during the bows for Götterdämmerung, I blindly bumped into a soprano. She responded the way only a classy singer will, with a melodic, yet unmistakable "Oops".
The end of the Ring Cycle went accompanied by packing of trucks, until only the last set pieces remained on stage.
Sweet melancholy of the end of a run.
The Dutchess said: Partir c'est mourir un peu.

Now we have 4 days off for Labor Day weekend.
Tonight I'm running the spotlight for Elvis Costello. Feels weird to be part of the festive crowd after watching the despair in New Orleans. But then again, Fats Domino was lost, but has been found. Sunday night I'll run the spotlight as well. Then another day off, and back to McCaw Hall for the last long days.


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