Saturday, August 06, 2005

Ask a Kid

A mother, wife of one of the orchestra's musicians, came in through the stage entrance, two blond girls in tow. Greeting Ms. Linny at her welcome desk the mother said,"Do you know what Linny does for fun?" "I do," one of her daughters said, "she jumps out of airplanes, you told us."
Linny beamed, she'd jumped only once in the morning, before coming to work at McCaw Hall, but the memory of that one parachute jump was good for a big fat grin.
The Dutchess says Ms. Linny saved our marriage many times. Telling me during tech weeks that I shouldn't go home a grump. That I had to remember my wife didn't get to see much of me and I should be nice. Thank goodness she got her welcome desk in McCaw Hall. With all respect, just imagine the kind of advice we'd get from the guards!


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