Thursday, July 21, 2005

Going Somewhere

Even in McCaw Hall going somewhere can be a problem.
The day before yesterday the top of the 3-D trees touched the track that a Rhine Maiden was hanging from.
Lady-like she exclaimed: "Hey, what's going on!"
We solved the problem by moving her to the middle of the stage where the branches don't reach, there's only tree netting.

On a totally different track: Royal Shell raised gasoline prices in the Netherlands from € 1,399, to €1,415 per liter.
Super Plus goes for €1469, diesel stays at €1,055. Multiply with 1.21 to get dollar price, and with 3.79 to see what a gallon would cost ya.
$1.70 per liter, Ouch! That's $6.42 per gallon!
No wonder the trains and trams and light rail do so well in Europe.

Yesterday we had our 1 day off.
Today it's back to the Ring.


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