Monday, July 04, 2005

DNO Behind the Scenes

DNO has a cool web site. On the home page changing thumbnail images show scenes of different opera productions. In "behind the scenes" under Die Walküre
you can see an effective technical trick.
Unfortunately the guy speaks Dutch, but here goes for a quick translation:

"We had to create a steel frame house. Which had to shoot upstage real quick. Quite the challenge, the thing was mighty heavy. We decided for the catapult principle, using extra long bungy cords. Silent, cheap, safe and with a wonderful effect."

Check out some of the other links to back stage scenes:
"Writing to Vermeer" shows another interesting set solution.
"Peter Grimes" presents one of the little performers back stage.
For "La Bohème" DNO hired a real troup of acrobats.


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