Monday, July 04, 2005

De Nederlandse Opera

The other day I wore the Ring tee-shirt I got in Amsterdam.
It's black with printed in white Der Ring des Nebelungen and De Nederlandse Opera. I was saying to somebody that German is so much like Dutch and that for the DNO singers to perform in German is easy because everybody there speaks German as well as Dutch and English.
One of our singers, whose native language is German said he hates the guttural G. According to him it sounds as though the Dutch are always clearing their throat. I told him I don't agree. Gee-whiz, even when somebody says, "Ga je mee naar Groningen? Gaan we een glaasje drinken bij Griet in de Gruiterij," I don't feel the need to hand them a Ricola.

Guess what? De Nederlandse Opera is performing Der Ring des Nebelungen coming September and October. After we're done here, we can go see how they do it in Amsterdam.

Back to bed until the fireworks wake me!


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