Saturday, June 25, 2005

Harbor View Hospital

Harbor View Hospital
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Yesterday the Dutchess and I visited Brother Don Ferguson and his wife Sheila at the hospital.

Man, the poor guy, he had a couple of amber colored shiners, and that discoloration wasn't from the surgery on his cheekbone, but still from the fall at the Winery.

They fused some vertebrae, and the white harness they put on him would look good on one of the Rheingold characters.

All jokes aside, he had his guardian angel on his shoulder, for he made a Bad Fall. One thing to remind ourselves of, Always Double Check everything!

Anyway, the view from his room may be good (Mount Rainier without obstructions) Don hopes to be back home pretty soon.

On our way out we ran into Brother Steve, he knows what it's like to break a bone, and to lie in the hospital, I guess.


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